Asteroid (11819) Millarca

28 April, 2017 0

(11819) Millarca

At the last Asteroids, Comets and Meteors (ACM) conference held in Montevideo, Uruguay (2017), a special award was handed out to Dr. Millarca Valenzuela, a member of Astrobiology 2017 Local Organizing Committee. Dr. Valenzuela is a geologist, expert in meteorites and planetary sciences and the official curator of the Chilean repository of meteorites. She was one of the recipients of an asteroid named on her behalf due to the significant contributions she has done to the field.

The Asteroid called “(11819) Millarca” was discovered at Siding Spring Observatory on March 3, 1981. It has been observed 663 times, the last of them this March. (11819) Millarca’s distance to the Sun varies from 497.700.000 to 401.980.000 kilometers. It is 254,4 million of km from Earth, and it takes 5,21 years to orbit the Sun.

The size of (11819) Millarca is between 4 km and 9 km, comparable to the surface of the Chilean island Robinson Crusoe.

For more information of this asteroid visit the Minor Planet Center of IAU webpage.

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